Common Types of Vehicle Accident Injury and How Chiropractors in Beaverton, OR Can Treat Them

Chiropractors in Beaverton, OR and the Accident Injuries They Treat

A lot of people sustain injuries from road traffic accidents every day. Surprisingly, many still underestimate the forces involved in a collision until they get involved in one. When your car hits another car, especially if it’s running the opposite direction at a considerable speed, the force can be so strong that it could push your body hard, leaving various kinds of injury. Following are the most common types of car accident injury.


When your car collides with another car or with a stationary object, your body, particularly your head and neck, will engage in an unrestrained, rapid forward and backward movement. This sudden acceleration-deceleration force can cause a mild strain on your neck. While this is not a life-threatening injury, it can lead to an extended period of disability, affecting your productivity. Read more from this blog:


What to Do after a Collision: How a Beaverton Chiropractor Can Provide Long-Term Relief

Injured in a Vehicular Accident? Why Visit a Beaverton Chiropractor

No matter how safe the roads of Beaverton are, traffic collisions are still likely to happen. When they do, the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians involved may sustain injuries. Depending on their severity, these injuries can affect activities of daily living yet resolve without medical treatment or result in some level of permanent physical disability.

Common Types of Vehicle Accident Injury

Vehicle accident injuries vary because no two circumstances in a collision are the same. Some injuries, however, are common in most of them. In fact, the safety features in today’s vehicles are designed to eliminate the risk of these common types of injury, and they, along with other factors, influence the type and severity of the injuries that the driver or passenger may suffer from. Read more from this blog:

Improve Asthma Symptoms and Reduce Severity with Help From Your Chiropractor

Effectively Address Asthma Symptoms Through Quality Chiropractic Care

The mechanics of breathing isn’t a topic many people spend time pondering. This automatic bodily function occurs with or without conscious thought. Controlled by a group of neurons at the base of your brain, known as the respiratory center, breathing belongs to a group of passive bodily mechanics the human body requires to survive. For the nearly 25 million Americans with asthma, however, the subconscious act of breathing holds far more importance than non-asthmatic persons.

Asthma is far more common than most think, affecting one out of 12 people in the U.S. Because of this, the modern medical community is under continual pressure to develop newer, more effective treatment options. Within recent years, however, the impact of chiropractic care on the human body has been opening the minds, and airways, of asthmatic patients. Read more from this blog.

Easing and Preventing Pain from Migraine With Help from Your Chiropractor in Beaverton


There’s nothing quite like going about your day when suddenly, a familiar tingle begins to form in your head. What starts off as a slight discomfort can transform into a debilitating migraine within moments. In the midst of a flare-up, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone else can empathize with such immense pain. The Migraine Research Foundation, however, states that this condition ranks as one of the top three illnesses in the world. In the United States alone, nearly 12 percent of the population is stricken by the pains of these intense headaches.

Unlike standard headaches, a migraine encompasses a host of neurological disturbances. Each neural irritation combine with the others to create a torturous symphony. With only 5 percent of migraine sufferers experiencing such complications due to underlying medical issue, which demand specific treatments, the other 95 percent experience this unsavory situation due to muscle tension. Read more from this blog.

Sciatica Nerve Pain: Home Remedies and How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Businessman Hunches in Pain Over Due to Ongoing Sciatica Nerve Issues


Sciatica nerve pain is condition that causes pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation that affects the buttocks and travels down the back of the leg. It often occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated due to inflammation or as a complication from a spine condition (i.e. herniated discs).

More often than not, medical doctors often prescribe a variety of anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers to combat sciatica nerve pain. In more severe cases, corticosteroid injections or even surgery may be recommended. If you do not feel comfortable with such options, there are more natural alternatives available. One of the best treatment options you can choose is chiropractic care.

A chiropractor in Beaverton, OR is more than capable of treating sciatica nerve pain through regular chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments realign the spine, encouraging faster natural healing, which helps minimize inflammation and other causes of sciatica nerve pain. Read more from this article:

Beaverton Chiropractic Clinic Lists 5 Great Tips for Spine Protection

Exercising Core Muscles is One of the Ways to Keep the Spine Healthy

Millions of people suffer from back pain. Beyond the discomfort associated with it, this kind of pain diminishes quality of life—that’s why many chronic back pain sufferers often find themselves missing out on activities that they enjoy. Some are even unable to accomplish very simple, everyday routines.

Your spine is an important part of your body, so you need to invest in ways to keep it healthy. Here are five easy-to-do tips recommended by your Beaverton chiropractic clinic to keep your spine the healthiest it can be.


When it comes to maintaining your spine, few exercises come close to the benefits attained by walking. That’s because walking strengthens bone structure and enhances flexibility, which can help prevent back pain, even alleviate it if it already exists. Read more from this article:


How Chiropractors in Beaverton, OR Can Help You after Sustaining Injuries from a Car Accident

One of the most frightening and devastating experiences that you might go through is being in a car accident. Your whole world can flash before you during a serious collision. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional damages from the incident, but you must also deal with the physical injuries–and it can be a very difficult process to go through. No one wants to be in an automobile accident, but you need to know how to proceed in treating your injuries for the best possible outcome.

Common Accident Injuries Chiropractors Can Help Treat

Many people look to their doctors for help during this difficult time. Visiting a chiropractor, however, is one of the best things that you can do. These healthcare professionals can treat almost all common accident-related injuries without the use of medication or surgical intervention. The chiropractors in Beaverton, OR can treat soft tissue and joint pains, whiplash, and back injuries. The most common problem after a car accident is stiffness and muscle pain. Not being able to function normally is a big problem when you must work every day. Discomfort is a serious issue that can be addressed by chiropractic care. Read more from this article: