Improve Asthma Symptoms and Reduce Severity with Help From Your Chiropractor

Effectively Address Asthma Symptoms Through Quality Chiropractic Care

The mechanics of breathing isn’t a topic many people spend time pondering. This automatic bodily function occurs with or without conscious thought. Controlled by a group of neurons at the base of your brain, known as the respiratory center, breathing belongs to a group of passive bodily mechanics the human body requires to survive. For the nearly 25 million Americans with asthma, however, the subconscious act of breathing holds far more importance than non-asthmatic persons.

Asthma is far more common than most think, affecting one out of 12 people in the U.S. Because of this, the modern medical community is under continual pressure to develop newer, more effective treatment options. Within recent years, however, the impact of chiropractic care on the human body has been opening the minds, and airways, of asthmatic patients. Read more from this blog.


Easing and Preventing Pain from Migraine With Help from Your Chiropractor in Beaverton


There’s nothing quite like going about your day when suddenly, a familiar tingle begins to form in your head. What starts off as a slight discomfort can transform into a debilitating migraine within moments. In the midst of a flare-up, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone else can empathize with such immense pain. The Migraine Research Foundation, however, states that this condition ranks as one of the top three illnesses in the world. In the United States alone, nearly 12 percent of the population is stricken by the pains of these intense headaches.

Unlike standard headaches, a migraine encompasses a host of neurological disturbances. Each neural irritation combine with the others to create a torturous symphony. With only 5 percent of migraine sufferers experiencing such complications due to underlying medical issue, which demand specific treatments, the other 95 percent experience this unsavory situation due to muscle tension. Read more from this blog.